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Illyana's Bio and Free Webcam

Vrai Nom:
Date de Naissance:
12 mai 1989
Intéressé par:
Hommes, Femmes, Couples
Cali-forn-i-a! US
Dernier Diffusion:
20 heures, 59 minutes
5' 11", 36-27-38
Décorations corporelle:
Ear piercings, tongue ring
Pics & Videos:
A propos de moi:

"There once was a camwhore named Illy,
who wanted something quite silly
for her birthday she chose
a gift of eloquent prose
to please and excite her big willy"

Thank you all who celebrated my birthday (and national limerick day) with me! The below limericks won their writers free passwords for the rest of the year! It was so hard to make the final decisions, since I received some really great entries, but there can only be three:

JoeyW: "There once was a man named Ginger,
who pined for a cam model to finger,
she got wind of the tale,
and vowed he would fail,
by deciding to no
longer linger."

Ridetheline: "what's up with that camgirl named illy?
she never responds, i mean, really.
i sent her a pic
of my thick 5 inch dick,
she's not said if she'll suck it yet. will she?"

Funlvr1008: "Y0ung Illy made men scream and shout,
when some of her parts were brought out.
'I sure love your tits,
your lips and your hips,
but why is that bulge sticking out?'"

I do want to mention Dizzletron, Icebergrider, Irishguyaway and more for making me smile and laugh. Thank you guys! I will treasure these rhymes from the heart! ;)

Welcome to my room! Illyana 2014!

As you may have astutely observed, my name is Illyana, and I am a transsexual (GASP!). I am pre-op (meaning, I will be post-op at some point - and that is not up for debate ;), but when that day comes maybe I'll take you guys exploring my new junk! Ha-ha!), just hormones since the age of 18 (6 years); no surgeries yet, all natural baby! I am an exclusive bottom, the fuck-ee not the fucker, the catcher not the pitcher. I like dick, and I like it in me. If you want to put your dick in me as much as I want you to, then I just may be the girl for you!

A little about me: I'm originally from Southern California, and now I live in the southwest (and the desert is just as boring and horrible as you'd imagine). I've always been a fan of artistic things, fine arts, performing arts, etc. I'm a big theater fan. I love drama (on the stage only). I love going out, bars, concerts, movies. You can ask me about my music tastes, book tastes, and all that jazz. My "ethnic background" is Slavic/Eastern European, not hispanic/latina, philipina, middle eastern, etc.

I'm a bad girl and I'm really good at it. ;) I've been a camgirl for 3 years, and I really do enjoy it, as can be evidenced by my smile. I probably smile, laugh or a combination I think one of my longtime viewers (Stoner_Life) said 98% of the time. Ha-ha! I'm just a happy person. I'm on here to have a good time, give you guys a good time, make some money, and it's a win-win! If you enjoy me, watch me, if you really enjoy me, tip me, but we're all on here to have fun either way!

I'm a pretty vanilla tgirl. I'm not into heavy or serious BDSM. Save the paddles and master/slave for a girl who likes it. Taboo fetishes are a serious hard limit, and they will be banned from my room. I will not even entertain them. I just like sex, guys! I just like regular dick in my ass riding it home like there's no tomorrow sex! Slap and squeeze my ass, pull my hair, and make me cum! Lol. It's easy!

This is not a dating profile, and I am not an escort. I have met with a fan on one occasion in the past from a previous site; it was not a decision I'm at the moment willing to repeat. Please don't push me.

This is a shout-out to my boys, who take care of me and make my shows happen. The following list is my top tippers from December 2013 onward (Last Updated 02/28; sorry for the delay! I'm still updating!) in descending order.