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Aussietreasure's Bio and Free Webcam

Date de Naissance:
23 août 1964
Intéressé par:
Hommes, Trans, Couples
37° 46' N 122° 26' W
Dernier Diffusion:
10 heures, 6 minutes
yummy type
Pics & Videos:
A propos de moi:

Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end... Bob Marley xx
I'm an insatiable exhibitionist. It's what I'm all about and it's important to me.
Sophrosyne style.
Yes, I'm 53.
I choose not to accept tokens. I enjoy making and sharing my very own bells 'n whistles;)
I enjoy watching fine gentlemen more than anyone will ever know.
My favorite book is the Dictionary.
I'm happily single and currently only have sex with myself.
I drive fast.
I can't whistle, but I can play the clarinet.
My tongue is just a tad shorter than Gene Simmons'.
I don't go to church and I doubt I ever will.
I love the best jeans money can buy.
I never take my crystals off.
I don't like to cook and rarely eat after 2pm.
I swim well and will save you if you can't, even if you're mean.
The Sydney Opera House was my 2nd home growing up ;)
I've sailed from Australia to America twice.
I have lunch with my father every two weeks.
I've inhaled countless flies in my life.
I eat the entire apple except for the stem.
I'm known for smelling good.
I trust karma more than dmca protection.
I'm not afraid of dying.

Liste de Vœux:

I hope you enjoy my pictures and videos as much as I enjoy sharing them....You must click "show more" to see many more.
Please respect them :)
Then bite me.
Send me a funny....anaturalproduct@gmail.com