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Eddieds's Bio and Free Webcam

Vrai Nom:
Date de Naissance:
29 septembre 1994
Intéressé par:
Hommes, Femmes
Murica; @eddieandtigger on twitter (disable the sensitive content thing when searching) / @eddieds on instagram
Dernier Diffusion:
19 heures, 20 minutes
English, spanish, portuguese, french, a little italian - please use english only though
5'11 / 180 cm; 167.5 lbs / 76 kg
Fume / bois:
no / no
Décorations corporelle:
🍑 🌽
Pics & Videos:
A propos de moi:

Q & A

Are you single? - No I am married

Are you str8/gay? - I am bi, however I am only interested in my wife

Where are you from? - I prefer not telling

Do you have instagram/twitter? - @eddieds on instagram and @eddieandtigger on twitter

How big are you? - 7.5 in/19 cm when fully erect - but I'm a grower so be patient

Are you in college/uni? - no

How old are you? - I'm 22

How long have you been married? - since April 2017

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Liste de Vœux:

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