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Pixiepixelized's Bio and Free Webcam

Vrai Nom:
Date de Naissance:
1 janvier 1996
Intéressé par:
Hommes, Femmes, Trans, Couples
pixiepixelized.manyvids.com | @PixiePixelized on twitter & ig
Dernier Diffusion:
3 semaines
Tight everywhere ;)
Décorations corporelle:
Belly button piercing, ankle tat
A propos de moi:

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      Ohey, what a pleasure~
      About me
      Name: My lovers call me Pixie
      Age: Twenty one
      Signs: Capricorn sun, Virgo moon, Leo rising
      Body: 5'6", 125lbs
      Diet: Vegan
      Sexuality: Pansexual (attracted to all genders; pan means all)
      I'm pretty into: Sex, surfing, hiking, yoga, hooping, dancing, climbing, sailing, travelling, music, nature, philosophy, videography, writing, acting, painting, comedy, new things, deep conversations, massages, enlightenment, sexual & artistic expression.
      Turn ons: Turning others on, exhibitionism, love, wild passion, intensity, roughness, moaning, eye contact, deep throating, hair pulling, dirty talk, power exchanges, nipple play, tongue kissing, shock factors, mixing pain with pleasure, anal sex, feet play, spanks, group sex, biting, getting absolutely pounded til my eyes roll so far back I see new colors.

      Great conversation starters
      • A simple hello with a random fact about yourself is perfect :)
      • Talk to me about travel! Ask me where I've been, tell me where you've been. I'd love to know where you think the most beautiful place in the world is.
      • Talk to me about music! Ask me who my favorite bands are, what it's like to go to a concert with me, who your favorites are, how music makes you feel.
      • Share with me one of the best days of your life. I'd love to relive it with you!
      • Talk to me about what in this life makes you feel most alive.
      • Ask me for advice! On anything! Especially sex advice! ;)

        ♥ Lovers Only Club ♥
        (Click here to join
        • Green name in chat and a next to your name so everyone knows you're legit af >;)
        • Snap chat with priority messaging directly with me
        • 25% off all vids! (pro tip: use extra tokies for Lovers Only tip menu)
        • All the cool points
        • Special tip menu every show and some freebies (peep Lovers Only tip menu below)

        FREE: 10 spanks every show, request whenever except for a cum show ;)
        FREE: Nipple pinches once every show, request whenever except for a cum show ;)
        35tk: deep throat dildo once
        63k: drool all over my tits
        69tk: face fuck dildo for 20 seconds
        70tk: pillow humping per minute
        80tk: spread pussy or ass and tease a bit
        90tk: 5 pussy spanks plus some clit play
        100tk: pussy or ass close up
        125tk: tease pussy or ass with toy
        500tk: 5 minutes of real, passionate masturbation however I want until I almost cum (can only be tipped for twice in a row)

              Tip menu
              • 11tk: per spank! or
              • 120tk: get my booty cherry red
              • 22tk: kisses
              • 45tk: suck on my fingers oh so sexily
              • 55tk: twerk it for you
              • 60tk: expose (choose what--ass, pussy, boobies)
              • 66tk: spit play (spit bubbles, drool, yumminess)
              • 88tk: nipple play (ugh one of my biggest turn ons)
              • 99tk: pussy or ass super sexy tease
              • 101tk: realdoe jack off
              • 123k: per minute of dildo blowjob! or
              • 404tk: 5 minute blowjob, however you like it (sensual, deep throating, sloppy, let me know) ;p
              • 125tk: per minute of clit play! or
              • 444tk: 5 mins of clit play, take me to the edge!
              • 1111tk: make my wish come true! 7 minutes of real, passionate, masturbation however I want until I almost cum
              • 4444tk: take me all the way and make my night with an instant cum show! <333

              • When I get naked, you better get naked too >;)
              • Introduce yourself! Friends are dope, right?!
              • No explicit gifs/images UNLESS they are perhaps tastefully hilarious.
              • Dirty talk in tip notes only! Forreals. I love it, but others don't.
              • Do not tell me to do any sexual acts unless it is possibly a sexy request in a tip note ;p (also check out my tip menu)
              • Respect all. Bring only good vibes~*~*~
              • Let me show you new dimensions of pleasure. ;)